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No markers. No constraints. On mobile.


Our state of the art AI captures and analyzes your motion in realtime.

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Latest updates

How it Works

1. Get PoseCam on iOS or Windows
or license our framework on iOS, Android or Windows

Our AI processes the pose on device at 50fps+

We have showcase apps on Windows and iOS devices

We currently license our engine to developers for iOS, Android and Windows

2. Link to your game or engine

Stream to Unreal Engine via LiveLink, into Unity with our free scripts or use our simple API to integrate into your application.  Visit us on the Unreal Marketplace or check out our API examples directly on Github


3. Play, dance or interact!

Once you've linked your game or app, users will be able to use their camera as a controller

How It Works

Tailored for performance

Unique Features

Our models have been designed from the ground up to run in real-time on mobile devices. This means a fast and smooth experience for all users.

Our Technology


Our neural networks are optimized to reduce compute and memory for fast inference



We only send pose data (not images) from the phone to the game, using little bandwidth



Our technology achieve state-of-the art pose accuracy on multiple benchmarks



We have modes that cater for every scenario (room, desktop, event, free motion)


Portrait Mode

For moving in-place

Portrait Mode captures standing motions using a portrait camera orientation. This perfect for analyzing full body motion in small spaces.


Clip shows a dancing game operating in portrait mode.

Perfect for:​

  • Dance games

  • Small rooms

Perfect for:

  • Fitness apps

  • Dance games

Room Mode

Freely move in the room

Place your phone beneath your TV and interact unconstrained by controllers.  Room Mode captures standing motions from a few meters away.


Clip includes live phone camera setup and using an iPhone to capture motion on various clips.

Desktop Mode

When seated at a desktop

Place your phone by your monitor and interact.  Desktop mode is great for capturing hand gestures and upper body motion up close.

Our software runs fully on the phone while streaming motion capture data live to the demo game running on the desktop.

Perfect for:​

  • Social apps

  • vTubing

Now with improved AI!

Continuously learning

We recently released our second generation AI model in Room mode with improved body tracking in AI mode, as well as various other improvements to our framework​


We will extend our AI for desktop mode soon as well as introduce other improvements.  Stay tuned!

Integrates with game engines

Works with Unity 3D and Uneral Engine

Connect our AI with the Unreal Engine or Unity 3D to enable innovative game play and interactive experiences

Use live motion capture or recognize player actions as discrete events for streamlined character control logic


Our Technology

Orientation Keypoints

United States Patent No. 11,164,336.  Additional patents pending

Backed by novel machine learning research. Orientation keypoints are an elegant solution to human pose estimation in 6D

It's realistic

Our AI captures motion completely, body and hands, using only a single camera.

It's fast

Our software runs in realtime on a phone.
- iPhone 12 @ 60+ fps
- iPhone  8 or X  @ 50+ fps

It's state-of-the-art

Our approach is backed by patented innovations.  Read our recent peer-reviewed research.


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