Other info for developers

Linking to the Pose Camera app

​Pose Camera has now (as of 0.8.24) been enabled to accept both Universal Links and custom Url links. This means developers can launch and configure the Pose Camera app from their own apps, from url links, or even by providing users a QR-code to scan. This could be generated in the developers' own iOS app, in the desktop/console app acting as the streaming target or a web server. Directly linking can provide a smoother customer experience. In addition to configuring the settings of Pose Camera, you can also pass additional information to your streaming server and receive a urlcallback when Pose Camera closes. [If your app was installed before Sep 10th you may need to delete and reinstall to get the Universal Links updated by Apple on your device]. Universal Links Use QR codes or clickable links to launch and configure PoseCam and begin streaming. The user no longer inputs anything to the app itself as all configuration is done by the link. For example, scan this QR-Code with your normal camera on the iPhone and it should launch the Pose Camera Or click on device in safari on this example of a universal link. Developers must parameterize the link to point at an address which is listening for the stream, like the UE4 plugin or a webserver. If the link points to a valid server address (i.e. the UE4 plugin) the app will connect and begin streaming automatically [Note the links embedded here are unlikely to be a valid address, so the app will launch and then fail to connect to server]. Custom URL Instead of universal links, you can also use our custom url scheme to launch the app. Here is a custom url example, in a document, which should launch the app if clicked on device. Universal links are preferred by Apple, but they can be fiddly on iOS changes and using the custom url as a backup may add robustness. Universal link format In order to understand the link used in the QR code, here you can see the string and an explanation of the fields : http://www.poseai.co.uk/launchcam?protocol=UDP&port=8080&hostName= Required fields: “protocol” (leave as UDP for now, TCP is experimental) “port” number “hostName” with either your external server or the user's local device (as shown in LiveLink). “x-source” should be the name of your app and will display at launch of Pose Camera. Optional fields: "x-success" is an optional URL that will be called back by Pose Camera upon completion of streaming, to relaunch your own custom app for example. Note: the current beta app has not activated this yet but it will be included in an upcoming version. Other custom fields - you can pass to the server other key/value pairs, as per the customField example and they will be passed in the handshake with the server (unless their key name conflicts with the basic handshake fields). So if your own app has some custom setup parameters, Pose Camera will forward these during the handshake process. You will need to customize the UE4 or other plugin to read these values from the JSON message.