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We do not track or collect any of your data. We do not profile you. Our software runs on your device, not on our servers.

When you choose to connect our software to another program, like a game or LiveLink, our software processes your camera feed to estimate skeletal animation data (a.k.a. motion capture) and streams only that data - not images or video - and only to the destination you specify. This stream is accompanied by (1) a user name, which you can set in-app, and (2) the device model, to help tailor the experience by optimizing the frame rate based on device capability.

If you chose to submit a bug report to us, which we hope is never necessary, we will have access to the included data. We will use that for debugging purposes and routinely delete the reports.

Apple and iOS automatically track some usage statistics for all apps on their platform, and provide developers, including us, with some aggregate analytics statistics. Check the iOS privacy policy for more information.

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